Here at The Hop Pocket we are keen to follow the government’s advice and take sensible precautions not only to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, but also to keep all of our staff and customers safe. Following the advice from the Chief Medical Officer all staff have been briefed to self-isolate if they show any of the symptoms.

In our retail areas we have stepped up our hygiene regime, wiping down surfaces and door handles much more regularly with anti-bacterial cleaner. In the Foodhall we are asking customers not to handle the bottles on the tasting tables. Before we offer tastings, we are using anti-bacterial gel, we have always used clean glasses for every tasting.

In our restaurant we are proud of the 5-star hygiene rating that we have always had, but have stepped up the regularity of our cleaning nonetheless, with increased use of anti-bacterial cleaner on tables between customers. Arrangements for cutlery and water have changed to reduce the chance of cross contamination, and in line with the official advice of increasing personal distance we have removed 25% of our tables and chairs, giving much more space between tables. These extra precautions mean that we maybe a little slower, but we are sure that everyone understands.