About The Hop Pocket

The Hop Pocket Shopping Village

The Story

Over 30 years in the making

First started as a small shop in 1988, it is now 20 times its original size.

We are proud of the nicknames we have been given, ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ & ‘Little Harrods’.

We stock a wide range of items, from handmade crafts to gifts of all sizes and value.

Meet the team

Janet Pudge, owner and main buyer

The gift shop is very much Janet’s baby, it all came from her vision. She is responsible for most of the buying and arranging of displays.

Janet is the reason that the things we have to offer are so varied, different and of such a high quality.
Give her a nice birthday card and seconds later she will be looking at the back to see if we can get them into the shop.

John Pudge, owner and accounts

If Janet makes sure everything looks good then John is the one that makes it all work. A stalwart of the “engine room” paddling away under a (mostly) graceful surface.

John is a business visionary, constantly looking for ways to adapt or advance the family farm and has taken The Hop Pocket from idea to reality.

Do try to make it to the Hop Pocket at Christmas time, its John’s job to light us up like a Christmas tree.

Matthew Pudge, manager

Matthew runs the shop, restaurant and village day to day. His life is rich and varied, one moment he could be helping a customer, the next elbow deep in the sink and then dealing with enquries from a prospective tenant.

Matthew’s main challenges are bringing all the elements of The Hop Pocket together to make a fantastic visitor experience, and getting the word out there about what we do.

Matthew lives at The Hop Pocket site, in a house that has been in his family for generations.

Hop Pocket Shopping Village Site Plan