We charge £40 for a boxed and delivered single hop garland. Please phone on 01531 640323 so we can take payment and delivery details. If you have any questions please contact us.

Hops are a natural product so every garland is different. As a rule of thumb they are approximately eight feet long (2.4m) and about one foot thick (30cm).

Dried hop garlands (hop bines or hop vines) used as a natural decoration for many years. These hop garlands look fantastic on a beam, over an inglenook or over the top of kitchen cupboards. The garland is about ten feet long with hops along at least eight foot of it. The price shown INCLUDES carriage.

We grow two main varieties. The first is traditional which means they have a bushy head of hops that tapers gradually to a bare tail at the other end, you can expect at least six feet (1.8m) of really good hops before it starts to thin out. The second variety is a thinner, but more even garland, with more consistent amount of hops all the way along and much better suited to going along beams than traditional varieties.

These garlands have been grown, dried and treated here at the Hop Pocket allowing a longer season. Dried garlands are available from the end of August right through to the following summer, we keep them in the cool and dark which helps to preserve them. As with any dried flower the hop garland is quite delicate and needs careful treatment, instructions will come in the box, but it is vital that the hop is hung as soon as possible (ideally straight into place). It is not unusual to have some petals drop in the box, but this does not affect the quality of the garland.

Because a hop garland is a bulky thing we have priced them to include the carriage.

We have been growing hops for over a hundred years, in the last thirty years we have been drying hop garlands specifically for decoration.

We send dried hops out early in the week (usually a Wednesday) to avoid the chance of the hop being stuck in a courier depot over the weekend. If you have any special requirements please contact us.